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Dale Nicholls Front Stage

Saturday July 13 

11:00am - Mae Day Band

1:00pm - Ellen Whyte & Sunny Hess 

3:00pm - King Louie

5:00pm_ Macey Gard Band


Sunday July 14 

10:00am - Dustin Christensen

12:00pm  - Flat Lines

2:00pm - Lisa Mann

4:00pm - NOPD Big Band


Birdcage Theater

Saturday July 13 

10:30am  - The Reptile Man 

12:00pm -  US World Class Tae Kwon Do  

1:30pm  - Northwest Dance Center 

3:00pm  - Sandy Youth Cheer 

4:30pm  - Murray Irish Dancers 


Sunday July 14 

10:30am -  Not Your Average Joe Mishkin 

12:00pm  - Music with Mr. Hoo 

1:30pm  - Taylor Kyle The American Mystifier 

3:00pm  - Not Your Average Joe Mishkin 


Not Your Average Joe Mishkin will be set up in the park near the stream creating large colorful bubbles for the kids in the park from 11:30am until just before 3:00pm for his second show. 

Olivia Solis will be strolling the park both Saturday and Sunday for a total of 14 hours creating balloon art for kids. 

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